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State Road, thank you for introducing me to Limpopos

2009 September 11
by Steph Lawrence

Limpopo Extraordinaire

Last week I had the pleasure of visiting Martha’s Vineyard, where I had fantasies of coming across the Obamas, hanging out and talking health care policy while playing with Bo. It could have happened, right??

Apparently not.

The closest I managed to come was dining at a new restaurant designed by Michael Smith, interior designer for the Obama’s White House. But that was good enough for me. State Road opened last month in West Tisbury and I fell in love almost instantly upon biting in to one of their house donuts (limpopos). The restaurant has drawn an all-star crowd, including pastry chef Rose Sarja who hailed from Blue Hill at Stone Barns (possibly my favorite restaurant of all time) and who has created a mouth-watering assortment of baked goods that line the cafe bar leading up to the register. I didn’t really want to leave, ever. (See photographic evidence below. You wouldn’t have, either).

This is the third restaurant of Mary and Jackson Kenworth and they have created something decidedly wonderful. The restaurant is in the middle of rolling farmland and has its own garden out front. Idyllic, no? In the morning it is a sunny cafe where you can read the paper and eat limpopos and drink delicious coffee. At night the front room opens up into a larger dining area where you can feast on local seafood and other tasty fare. We went in the morning so I can’t speak to their dinner menu, but breakfast was amazing. I got the smoked salmon breakfast plate (because apparently I am incapable of resisting anything that contains smoked salmon). It was not a mistake.

Clearly I will have to go back for more, soon.

Limpopos. I think you should become a regular part of my daily routine.How could I possibly resist this??
Where the magic happens...Witness the amazing deliciousness of pastry chef Rose Sarja

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